At Blossom Oils we care about our customers' health which is why all of our packaging is thoroughly sterilized and sealed before being shipped to you.


We have three main gardening locations and only work with trusted farmers that only use 100% natural products and put love into their agriculture. 

Natural Solar Infusion

Our oils are naturally solar-infused. Solar energy helps extract beneficial parts of the plant that are not obtained by heat alone. This is why we depend on nature and not machines to do our work for us because nature always does a better job. 


Our packaging is made to be stylish and recyclable. We use a mixture of crinkle paper and biodegradable packing peanuts to protect your bottle(s) from moving around too much while being shipped. These packing peanuts can dissolve in water or if you prefer you can even use them in your backyard for composting purposes.



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