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About Us

If it's not natural, it's not Blossom Oils.

Blossom Oils, LLC was founded by a biological scientist graduate and aspiring dermatologist, Clivette Sharon Williams. She comes from a Caribbean background and was raised by farmers and gardeners. Her background in Biomedical science, Botany and Microbiology often led her to work with bacteria and natural products from the earth. This helped her understand the science behind plants and the human body. She emphasizes the importance of research, community outreach, and self-love. Her many failed attempts and wasted money on hair and skincare motivated her to start her own company to help people of color like herself feel better about their skin. She named the company after her late grandmother, Blossom Delores Greaves, whom passed late 2018 due to kidney failure issues. Both Clivette & her grandma believed if you look good, you feel good and that is our main goal here at Blossom Naturals by Blossom Oils, LLC. We hope to share this goal with you.